Market Segments

Here is an overview of some of our international installations and the main vertical markets we serve:

Fire Brigades / Police
United States - Knox County (ME), Bend Fire (OR), and Manchester (CT):
• DMR simulcast networks IP- and UHF-linked.

Canada - Norfolk & Elgin County:
• Analog and DMR simulcast networks, IP-site connected.

Russia - Moscow Region:
• 75 DMR simulcast radio base stations to realize an IP-site connected network.
Mountain Rescue & Forestry
Italy, Poland, Switzerland:
• Several DMR simulcast infrastructures, IP- and UHF-linked

Italy DMR Telemetry Network for Environmental Monitoring:
• A data-only network, based on 72 DMR base stations, IP- and UHF-linked.

Czech Republic:
• 7 DMR simulcast networks, based on more than 100 base stations, to cover main National Parks.

• St. Moritz and Bernina railways (RhB), covered by more than 50 DMR simulcast base stations;
• A simulcast infrastructure for a multichannel tunnel coverage, along the 34 km of the Lötschberg Tunnel.

New Zealand:
• A multi-site simulcast infrastructure for a multi-channel tunnel coverage, for the Kiwi Railways.

Italy and Switzerland (several clients):
• More than 800 point-to-point UHF base stations for leased lines for ENEL electricity production sites;
• More than 300 point to multi-point UHF base stations for AGIP gas/petroleum production sites;
• Some DMR simulcast infrastructures and dispatching systems.

Turkey and Croatia:
• Several analog and DMR simulcast infrastructures, IP- and UHF-linked.

Italy A1/A14 motorways:
• A 54-site infrastructure, based on more than 170 DMR simulcast radio base stations, working at 70/150/400 MHz.

South Africa, Shishen Mine:
• A multi-carrier DMR simulcast network for rescue and operating teams.

Waterways / Maritime
• A whole infrastructure to cover 400 Km of waterways, connecting 7 DMR simulcast networks via a SIP mobility server.

• A multi-site/multi-carrier simulcast infrastructure to cover several ports.

Italy, Poseidon Project:
• The entire multi-site/multi-carrier VHF maritime infrastructure to cover the Italian territorial waters, based on more than 300 base stations, distributed over 65 sites.