Here are some applications and possible configurations our equipment can offer:

Stand-alone Repeater/Fixed Station
Explore the several single-site applications of KAIROS: repeater station with SIP/RTP interface, transponder, double-timeslot fixed station.

IP and RF Linked Networks
Our KAIROS is the perfect building block to assemble radio system infrastructures. It supports simulcast, multi-protocol, IP and RF narrowband connections, remote control and much more.

Tunnel/In-Building Coverage Extension
To synchronise several radio base stations in a tunnel, or underground, no GPS is needed: a simple and good IP connection (such as a LAN system, with a large bandwidth/high data-rate) is enough.

Alerting System
This is a special simulcast application network used for POCSAG or analog alerting purposes. The same network can manage both DMR/analog and paging communications.

Our KAIROS can extend a radio network to phone applications. It can also connect several radio networks (such as, TETRA and DMR) and can enable users to manage their mobility within multiple radio networks.

TIER III Trunking System
KAIROS supports a number of digital trunking solutions, from single-site to multi-site simulcast or multicast systems. An internal Linux-based controller, some redundancy policies and the phone patching are just some of the available features.