A collection of useful documents and informative material:

DMR v/s TETRA: A Comparison
Why using TETRA? Why not opting for DMR? This document is intended as a guideline for an appropriate choice between the two technologies.

DMR in Brief
Understanding the basic concepts of Digital Mobile Radio standards.

Soft Diversity Reception
“Soft diversity” increases the effective sensitivity of the receiver, it dramatically reduces the multipath fading effect, and it improves the overall signal quality.

Telephone Interface for DMR Devices
Radio Activity DMR equipment can be connected to a proper telephone line interface, thus expanding the capabilities of a given system. This is very useful for Control Room applications.

Simulcast Networks Design Guide
Key points to keep in mind in order to design at best a simulcast radio infrastructure.

The Many Benefits of Digital Simulcast
Some digital professional mobile radio (PMR) technologies can support simulcast, offering numerous benefits. Read the article written by Roberto Marengon for Mission Critical Communication (March 2017) and Radio Resource International (Q1/2017).